15/07/2014 - INFO

Please fill in completely the profiles during the registration. For us, this is also a profile picture and the gallery pictures. Profiles without content are blocked or deleted within 24 hours.

15/01/2014 - New year, new luck!

First of all thanks to all members for the good acceptance of our website.
We will continue to do everything to make your dream applied to your job detail.
Please remember: just fill in complete profile, then create a job listing.
Your prospects want to know more about what indeed you and also see what.
We wish you continued success on our side.

19/08/2013 - Edit Jobs

When your vacancies are filled, you can now edit that status yourselves by changing the settings to either ''filled'' or ''disable''. The advantage is that you can switch the status of the same ad easily, instead of having to regenerate a new job search or offer, in case it didn't work out with the new staff member.

10/06/2013 - Bilingualism

Thus the tattoo International job board can be used, we have expanded our page on the English language. Furthermore, the activation of the ads was automated for Premium users. Social media buttons expands on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

01/04/2013 - Last-Minute Jobs

Last-minute listings are free for all registered tattoo artists, tattoo studios, piercing studios, piercers!

01/03/2013 – Advertising As A Guest (User)

We have given you the opportunity to advertise jobs with a guest account.
However, the possibilities to properly present yourself are limited as a guest user. Your advertisement is restricted to the mere job offer or application. Creating an account, will offer you a lot more opportunities to present yourself and your work.

10/01/2013 - Introduction Of Use

In order to activate your account, you have to confirm your registration by clicking on the link sent you by e-mail. You will receive that confirmation e-mail immediately after you signed up. In case you did not receive an e-mail, make sure to check your spam folder, too. After the confirmation, you are free to edit and fill-in your profile. Only provide veritable information about yourself and upload your pictures to the gallery.

This makes sure that other users can get an idea of who you are. Incomplete or untrue information in your profile are of no use, since your data and images are an important part of your person. Look at it as a letter of application you would send to any other company. It also makes no sense to create a job posting in your personal profile, because accounts are not displayed in the job search.

07/01/2013 - Start Of Tattoo Jobs

After 14 months of planning, programming, style, and a thousand decisions we have flipped the switch on 07/01/2013. We are here to thank all the participants have done in advance with a lot of thoughts, ideas, tests and work.

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